Forgotten Scotland (Navermouth)

Forgotten Scotland (Navermouth),  I wonder why the name Navermouth was used and not Invernaver?  Please don’t look for Navermouth on any maps unless they are very old maps. The name has long since disappeared and been forgotten.  All that is left is an old ice-house and sweep net fishery which operated on the mouth of the River Navar for many years. This was the main industry of Navermouth a small village situated on the peninsula of Ard Mor. You can find the remains of this settlement between Bettyhill and Farr point.

Bettyhill is a relatively recent creation. The original village was Farr, now a crofting settlement lying a mile east of Bettyhill beyond the sands of Farr Bay.
This all changed with the coming of the Highland clearances. Bettyhill was built between 1811 and 1821. The then Duke of Sutherland was forcibly removing the inhabitants of Strathnaver, part of his huge 1.5 million acre estate. This was taking place all over the Highlands of Scotland at this time when the wealthy landowners found they could make more money out of initially sheep then deer than people. Strathnaver was heavily populated in fact there were many settlements throughout the Highlands that just disappeared during this time.  The population of the Highlands was around 700 thousand before the clearances it is back up to just over 250 thousand around  200 years later. Unusually for the time the Countess of Sutherland had built a new village for the dispossessed. It was called Bettyhill after Elizabeth the Countess of Sutherland.
The River Naver drains into the bay and originates from Loch Naver 18 miles inland. It was and still is one of the most productive salmon rivers in the Highlands hence the ice house and fish processing community at where we started Navermouth. Standing by the ice house and looking over Farr Bay and into Tarrisdale Bay is in my opinion one of the best beachscapes in Britain

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