History Page - Glendruidh House Drawing Room

The name Glendruidh comes from the Druid’s Temple nearby – a grove of 9 oak trees surrounding a stone circle.

Glendruidh House was originally a Dower House for the Leys Castle estate consisting of 2 cottages, both over 200 years old.

In the 1850s the cottages, together with several acres of land, were bought from the Leys Castle estate and the circular drawing room, the elegant dining room and the distinctive tower were added.

History Page - Glendruidh House View From Gardens

A further extension to what had become a large country house was added in 1939, adding extra bedrooms and enlarging the kitchens.

During this period, Glendruidh House was owned by a succession of military people from various Highland Regiments until 1976, when Lord Russell Johnston bought the house.

Lord Johnston was member of Parliament for Inverness, Loch Ness and Skye, and a long time father of Scottish Liberalism.

The current owners, Michael and Christine, bought the house in 1983 and have continuously improved, restored, furnished and decorated the building – to make Glendruidh the very comfortable country house that it is today.