Guest Comments

‘It’s really difficult to start over again specially when we spent such a wonderful time in the lovliest country in the world. But not only the place is great but also the people, we really love you and we can’t help thinking about going back. Thanks a lot for your kindness and for making our holiday a most special one. Cheers and be ready for our second coming back to bonnie Glendruidh House Hotel.’Sergio and Alexadra, Argentina.

Hotel Review By Guests From Argentina

‘Very often we remember the great time we had at your hotel in Inverness this summer. With these two photos we want to say thank you very much.’Susanne and Jens Burkhardt, Germany.

Hotel Review By Guests From Germany

‘Wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. You still remain in our mind for your hospitality and your ‘Haggis’, we would be pleased to welcome you in our country to look around and taste our specialities.’Carole et Francois, France.

Hotel Review By Guests From France

‘Still enjoying memories of that special holiday with you. We’ve mentioned it often to our friends and we’ve been surprised to learn of the many who met, became engaged and married in Inverness. The many others who loved their holiday in that lovely town.’John and Maire, Scotland.

Hotel Review By Guests From Scotland

‘Thank you very much for your very warm hospitality that I and my wife enjoyed at your hotel. We travelled to your country, England, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Austria for three months and found that your hotel was one of the most pleasant ones we had during the trip.’Masanori Kuratsune, Japan.

Hotel Review By Guests From Scotland
Hotel Review By Guests From England

‘Just to say many thanks for another super holiday – not too impressed with the weight I put on – you fed us too well!’Ann and Tony Talbot, England.

Hotel Review By Guests From USA - United States of America

‘Glendruidh House was a lovely surprise. The hotel is small enough that the owners are able to provide personal attention to their guests, the food was good and attractively served. We greatly appreciated the smoke free environment. Glendruidh House and the Smiths were a special joy on our tour and will be remembered with fond memories.’Jeanne Fischer, USA.

Hotel Review By Guests From USA - United States of America

‘I stayed at your beautiful hotel the night of the 19th of December and had a delectable time. Now I find you have a Website, which is marvellous because now I can actually show some images to the friends I’ve been regaling with tales of how lovely it is there. The next time I am near Inverness or can manufacture some reason to be in the area, I shall hasten to your door for another visit. It was indeed a beautiful experience the first time, and I have no intention of letting it be my last.’Mark Ellis Walker, USA.

Hotel Review By Guests From Canada

‘Just a quick note to let you know how much we enjoyed our stay with you. Your facilities are nothing short of superb and you kindly introduced me to Knockando. I was able to bring a good supply of it back home so that I can sit here in ‘New Scotland’ thinking of Inverness and the Glendruidh House Hotel while I sip my wee dram. Thanks again and we will certainly be back.’Gord Hankin, Canada.